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A project exclusive to the March 2022 FORTHELOVEOFTHEPHOTOGRAPH atelier’s YOUR STORIES portion of their March 2022 course.


“I stand on the sacrifices of a million women before me, thinking, what can I do to make this mountain taller, so the women after me can see farther. “

-Rupi Kaur


My Mother’s Dress Is Not Mine is a personal project of mine that came about as I navigate my thoughts and mind habits into breaking the cycle of my own generational trauma. It is a story of heartaches, of disappointment, of pride, of anger, of frustration, of going back to where you started and meaning to do exactly that, of getting back to where you started and not wanting to at all; it is a story of breakthroughs, and getting stuck, sometimes both at the same time; it is a journey, my journey, my story, and I invite you all to have a seat and listen to it. 

my mother's dress is not mine