comfort under waters


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia




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My daughter found solace in the water during the period of confinement caused by Covid 20-21.


In the water, she lays still, allowing the water and her emotional being become cohesive, transporting her being from physical to transparent lucidity.


Being in the plastic pool with 10 inches of water in the late evenings soon became an every-other-day-routine for us, giving her an hour to gather her thoughts, formulate the words she would need to project her emotions into comprehensible, prosaic terms, that we as her parents could now decipher come bedtime.


Capturing her here has helped me find my own stillness within; through just watching her slow movements, how the water interacts with her body, how she talks to it like it is a long-lost-friend; not allowing even my presence there with the camera to distract their conversations.