Lisha Zulkepli (b.1982) is a mother of two girls and a self-taught photographic artist, visual researcher, educator, and mentor based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Intrigued by the intricate simplicities of the everyday life, and how every detail tells a history, a story, an invisible graffitied stamp of ownership for her subjects, she pays a special empathy towards emotional narrative art. 


Her agenda when working on her personal projects is the navigation of her own emotional and psychological journey, having been dealing with post-partum depression and anxiety since her eldest daughter was born. It is with this exploration of her psychiatry that she continues to investigate the love/hate relationship she personally has with becoming a wife, a mother and an identifying female in an Islamic, socio-economically third world country. 


Her work explores the surreal and the dreamy-like personas of the mundane routine, through her unique freelensing technique.


Her experiences in having lived in the UK and South Africa deepened her love for culturally involved pieces, and the need to constantly record the changes in her daughters’ (and her) lives.